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Studio Guidelines

2021 Guidelines

  • Masks will be required from the time you enter the building and throughout class.
  • Limited class size: 13 students
  • Maintain 6 feet of distance between each other at all times.
  • Teachers will remain on their mat the whole time they’re teaching to maintain 6ft distance.
  • Doors will remain opened in all of the studios to promote airflow.
  • All classes are now 60 minutes long.
  • No assists or hands on adjustment, only verbal cues.
  • After traveling, we kindly ask you to wait 10-day before practicing at the studio.
  • Mat placement will be marked on the floor to maintain 6 ft. physical distance.


Pre-Registration Now Required

  • Pre-register for class through your Mindbody online account HERE.
  • Pre-registration window is open for 30 days from your active login.
  • Online booking ends 30 mins prior to class start time.
  • Consider limiting your visits to 1/x day to allow others in the community to practice.
  • If class capacity is full prior to 2 hours before class starts, you will be added to the waitlist.



By signing up for the waitlist, you are committed to attending if a spot opens up for you.

  • If you are on the waitlist for a class, and another client cancels up to 2 hours prior to a class starting, you will automatically be moved into the class and you will receive an email.
    1. Please note that if you un-checked the box that said “Subscribe to email/text notifications” when you created your MINDBODY (MBO) account, you will NOT receive the email or text if and when you are added into a waitlisted class. Please check your email filters on your MBO account or your promotions folder to make sure you are getting notifications.
    2. You can also check your MindBody schedule if you are unsure if you have been moved from the waitlist and into a class, it will show up under your schedule if you are in.
  • Clients are moved off of the waitlist in the order from which they were added to it.
  • If you haven’t been added to the class from the waitlist within 2 hours prior to class starting, you are welcome to come to the studio and see if a spot opens up due to “no shows”.
    1. Please note there is no guarantee you’ll be admitted to class.
    2. No show spots will be added on a first come first serve basis.



Class cancellations must be submitted via your mindbody online account. Click HERE to modify your schedule.

  • Early Cancel: Cancellations submitted 2 hours prior to class start time, no fee.
  • Late Cancel: Cancellation submitted within 2 hours of class start time, will incur either a $15 fee for unlimited members OR deduction of a class from your class pass / drop-in.


Membership Updates

Our membership options have expanded, see below. Click each option to learn more or to sign up.

Auto-Renew (with contract)
$69 Limited Auto-Renew Membership (4x/month)
$119 Limited Auto-Renew Membership (8x/month)
$149 Unlimited Auto-Renew Membership

No contract – One month only
$89 Limited Monthly 4x/month

$139 Limited Monthly 8x/month
$169 Unlimited Membership

Sign up for the $119 Limited or the $149 Unlimited by July 1st and receive the first month for $108!


Class Pass Updates

Mangala Yoga no longer offers class passes. Drop-in’s or a memberships available.


Odds & Ends

  • Make sure you’re healthy. Do a self-check by taking your temperature if you have any symptoms at least 2 hours prior to class start time so you have time to cancel without incurring a $10 late cancel fee.
  • Clean up after yourself–your mat, your sweat, your stuff.
  • There will be extra care between classes to disinfect floors, bathrooms and high touch areas with CDC approved cleaning agents.


Grace through the glitches

  • As we know, there may be glitches to our plans.
  • Please be patient with us as we navigate the re-opening of our yoga studio.
  • We support you and your practice. Your health and well being is VERY important to us!
  • We are doing our best. We know you are too!